Here is the track list for this wicked cool show featuring minimalism in music:

Vice Versa – Stilyagi
Our Daughters Wedding – Airlines
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Key
Instant Music – Everybody’s Gotta Mutate
1000 Ohm – Berlin 33
A Poplar History Of Signs – Crowds
Surplus Stock – Spiv
Radio Free Europe – It Likes You
Blitz – H.M.K. Grey
Robert Görl – Wind In Hair
Scatterbrain – Crosses Over Verdun
Pseudo Echo – Walkaway

Krisma – Cathode Mamma
Soft Cell – Persuasion
Neon – Lobotomy
Plastics – Robot
Richard Bone – Joy Of Radiation
Gina X – Kanal Banal
November Group – We Dance
Mark Lane and the Klink – Hate Of Religion (LIVE)
The Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor – Front
Berlin Blondes – Neon Probe
Naked Lunch – Slipping Again
Berlin Express – Berlin Express

Nasmak – Silhouette
Ad Astra – A & R
Systematcs – Pulp Baby
Tom Ware – Chinatown
New Asia – Central Proposition
Thirteen At Midnight – Other Passengers
Cinema – Bad Boys In Chinatown
Yukihiro Takahashi – Extra-Ordinary
Basking Sharks – New Industry
Aside – Engine (Of Ignorance)
The Gadgets – Only One Me
Hidden Agenda – Life At The Top


ABC – Beauty Stab
Fire Nest Time – Too Close
Kamerata – I Dream Of Paris
LMNOP – Like A Diatom
Joseph K – Heart Of Song
XEX – St Vitus’ Dance
Jane Bond & The Undercovermen – Hot Rod Lincoln
Falco – Rock Me Amadeus
Squeeze – Here Comes That Feeling
When In Rome – Something Going On
Pet Shop Boys – What Keeps Mankind Alive
National Pastime – Close Your Eyes And See
Ten Pole Tudor – Confessions
New Order – Perfect Kiss
Blue Rose – Love You Forever
The Smiths – Rusholme Ruffians